Richard Armitage fun for Sunday night

This interview has always made me laugh. Richard Armitage digging himself out of a hole he dug himself?

We have PT, OT and speech therapy tomorrow and then a trip to the hand and shoulder surgeon. I’d love to have an interaction like this with Richard Armitage although there’s no way he’d ever mistake me for an elf.

~ by Servetus on August 6, 2018.

12 Responses to “Richard Armitage fun for Sunday night”

  1. Poor woman…”They say I have [big] ears”. Can’t hear if she actually says ‘big’, but the gesture’s enough.
    I’m not sure if Richard’s trying to be sassy here, or he’s being a bit of a bully. He does succeed in making her fluster and becoming slightly embarrased. I feel for her. Either way, this would be a hole he dug himself; not sure he digs himself out of it succesfully:-)
    I hope you and your dad are doing better.

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    • My guess is he is a bit stressed by all the interviews, and he’s trying to think fo something new / cute to say, and he stumbles on this?


  2. Lol! I think maybe he was trying to compliment her and failed miserably. 😂

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    • Definitely. I also wonder about the language barrier, i.e., “elfin” is a compliment in English most of the time, wonder about her native language?


  3. aww, he think he’s trying to be sweet but b/c they talked over each other it became awkward. he says ‘you do’ as she’s saying she has big ears, not after. he completes the thought by saying she has an elfin look to her but the tone of his voice conveys that he’s trying to be sincere..while hoping to save himself at the same time 😀

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  4. I think she does give off a sort of Arwen/Liv Tyler vibe. I can see why he said it.


  5. With that accent he can dig a hole with me any day. Noticed he has done this several times as he has made some comments and has to get himself out of the double meanings. Do hop you and your father are getting well together. Take care of the both of you!


    • Yeah, he has a more flexible use of language operating than a lot of the people who interview him. Plus this interviews must be so boring after a while.


  6. 😀 😀

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  7. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes!


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