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  • He’s known as a fan of the dystopian novel; here‘s a discussion of Zamyatin’s We, a Russian novel of the same genre that is roughly contemporary. I read it in college in a “politics and literature” course and remember finding it worthwhile.

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~ by Servetus on August 10, 2018.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. The Ethan Hawke article is good. He has come
    a long way in his career and I loved The Before
    Trilogy esp the first one set in Vienna when they were 24. I just can’t help thinking reading
    the article gosh if Ethan can direct a movie
    and got the funding/ backing for it why can’t
    Richard do the same? I know maybe apples
    and oranges here but that thought floated
    through my brain reading this article. Thank you for the article! 👍


    • I think Hawke’s career is of much longer standing at this point.


      • Yeah you’re right and I think he knows a lot
        of contacts in Hollywood and I’m foolishly
        assuming he had it easy making his movie
        when it may have taken him a long time to
        have it come to fruition.

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  2. I though ‘Leading lady parts’ is hilarious. I laughed so hard when Lena Headey appeared and got the ‘MUM!’ response giggles
    Isn’t the idea of this being close to the truth devastating!

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    • “Leading lady parts” was just so clever and brilliantly done! The biting humor … and Hiddleston at the end was a nice top off! Looking forward to more of these. Thank you so much. I would never missed it otherwise.

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      • and cool of Hiddleston to participate.

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        • So cool of him and he just looked bashful and like a fish out of water and then at the end the camera pans to all the Mary Poppins and other movie posters where he is the star. I think the women participating where so funny and dead pan that is why it worked but so sad that is probably a big reality in show business among other businesses.

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    • I totally believe it — I just saw “Crazy Rich Asians” and then I read an article saying that the first person who wanted to make the book into a film proposed taking all the Asian out. I mean: what? What’s really disturbing about the vid is that it’s actually women who are proposing all these ridiculous ideas about the performance.

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  3. **Sorry I would have missed it otherwise, too early in the am here.

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  4. Ooooh Zamyatin. I too read We in university for a comparative literature course about utopia and dystopia, and it was my favorite book among the works we studied. I thought it was eerily poetic (at least the french translation was) and the story haunted me for months.


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