Richard Armitage tangentially related

Armitage birthday plans:

The man himself:

Current projects:

  • I always thought my own mashups were weird, but here‘s a commentary on the New York Knicks, using Castlevania references.

Collateral attractions:

  • Chloe Grace Moretz (Brain on Fire) contemplated getting breast implants at 16. That she didn’t contemplate taking some instruction in acting instead underlines to me everything that’s been wrong with Hollywood for so long.

Things we’ve talked about:


~ by Servetus on August 19, 2018.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Thank you for including the update here.
    And I literally laughed out loud at your commentary on Chloe Grace Moretz’s breast implantation plans. Touché!
    BTW – check the Twitter of the fan you linked to re. RA in London – there are a couple of SD photos from the Crucible in the tweep’s TL that I had not seen before. (But I may be just forgetful.)

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    • Was not my kindest moment ever.

      I can’t remember if I’ve seen those pics, but that info definitely increases the credibility of the spotting. (I had wondered too if she saw him somewhere at the theater).


  2. Pine Pine oh Chris and Helmsworth for that matter it would be a blessing to totally redo Star Trek even my diehard Trekkie brother thinks the series needs to be recasted although
    the Guardian article really threw some zingers
    at Jesse Plemons and Rowan Atkinson in my opinion.
    I thought the piece was funny should we let him go vs no he needs to stay for the sake of
    cast harmony, ugh. How about Pine you need
    to find a new outlet and take Helmsworth w/you
    Thor is getting old too….


    • I just don’t see why people want those roles, recently. I suppose it gets them exposure but they just end up mimicking other actors, not really creating the roles for themselves.

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      • Exactly! That was my brothers biggest criticism of Pine was that he was just mimicking the Great Shatner as Capt Kirk but both Pine and Helmsworth focus on action movies although Helmsworth did Rush w Ron Howard several years ago about a famous race car driver who’s name escapes me now, I think it’s exposure and money which from a business point of view I can understand but then you’re put in a box
        and when you’re the star and a movie rides on your audience appeal and it tanks well …. that level of pressure must be incredibly high.

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  3. Home for his birthday? I hope so, it’s going to be a poignant one, the first without his beloved mum. He will be in my thoughts as usual, but especially so this year.

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  4. “Not written by Dana Schwartz”, heh.

    Budapest –> Moscow –> London in the space of one week? Wow

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