Richard Armitage is such an impressive hugger

~ by Servetus on August 24, 2018.

17 Responses to “Richard Armitage is such an impressive hugger”

  1. Although I get the feeling that he’s the one who needs hugs right now, I would love to be a recipient of one of his hugs one day! I’d also gladly volunteer to hug him, should he need it…

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  2. I agree with you, all of the above and there would be a long line behind us no doubt….

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  3. There are people that have such cold hugs, they really do nothing and then there are those who just wrap their arms around you and you feel so welcome and loved. I think he would be one of those . I love a person who really hugs you for all their worth.

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    • Yeah I agree and you have a lovely insight. My family are not huggers, not really, my mom is out of all of us the best, she hugs tight, my twin nieces love to hug so I’m happy they didn’t inherit my dad, sister, brother and my lack of hugging skills. Sad really, I didn’t even date warm huggers and I think I’d be better at it if I had more contact with natural huggers. But if Richard would hug me for all its worth, I can EMBRACE the hug much more. I think that is an excellent point that great hugs feel welcome and loved. Hugs are underappreciated which is sad..

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    • I’d live to see him, and one of my nieces in a hug off. I have a hugging and kissing family. Some hugs are limp & dutiful, others are full of love, but reserved. Hers are the type that make you feel so much love, like she never wants to let you go. I think his are like that. Completely full & honest, just like both of their laughs.

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      • My twin nieces are the same just so happy and lively to see me when I go to my brothers house. Richard would have his hands full with both twins coming at him full speed not to mention me hanging onto them to get any residue arm or shoulder space from him (they are 8 ) 😍😍

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    • I’ve always thought (when I see film of him at events, etc.) that he seems unusually ready to hug people.

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  4. I guess coming from an affectionate family makes the difference and you feel the difference. I had a friend whose wife hugged like she was almost afraid to touch you, and I admit she was a cold jealous person, her husband who was the opposite, when he hugged you you felt hugged and happy. It was like being wrapped in warmth. Humans need contact and a hug can do so much to make someones day brighter. So to all who may need it (((HUG)))

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    • Yes I agree with you. The twins are very affectionate when I babysit they come and snuggle when it is movie time and it makes me feel really loved and welcomed by them. I
      think our family just isn’t that affectionate and I wouldn’t say any of us are cold or jealous people bec we are close knit. My mom is the
      most affectionate and maybe the twins got that from her. My brother and sister in law don’t actively show pda and neither one is s hugger esp my brother. As I said before it is
      sad in a lot of ways bec you are absolutely right humans need affection and need to be felt loved. I think I love my doggies so much
      bec they give me unconditional love and the
      Labradoodle Eddie loves to bear hug me
      and lay in my lap all 75 pounds of him.

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    • I dunno, I’m not a hugger. I didn’t come from a hug-friendly background and despite my Mexico sojourn, I lived in Germany in my twenties and Germans aren’t really huggers. But I don’t think I’m cold or jealous. There are many other ways to express affection (Germans are very affectionate but not demonstrative, I find).

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