Impressions of the fair

I wrote about the atmosphere last year. Here are a few of my (lame) pictures of the judging and livestock auction.

Here’s “Jim,” this year’s entry — quite a bit smaller than last year’s. I wasn’t sure if this was because the animal was differently built, or because A wasn’t so assiduous this time around. She’s discovered boys (or rather, boy) this year.

Here she is, showing “Jim” in her class (smaller weight dairy steers). The animal that won the class is at left.

This is the fair Grand Champion dairy steer, just for purposes of comparison. It’s a Holstein and weighed about 200 lbs more than “Jim.”

This is the auctioneer’s assistant (wish I could have taken a better picture — he’s a real character) who eggs on the buyers. Here he’s signaling four fingers for a $400 bid.

Another grand champion (for poultry over fifteen weeks old). He got $400.

Here’s A at the auction. She will walk away with about $2500 for Jim, and I imagine she will buy a beater car with it, as it won’t be long till she’s driving.

And this is my brother, doing the thing you see a lot of people doing in the livestock barns at these events. And in general, if they spend a lot of time with cows.

~ by Servetus on August 25, 2018.

36 Responses to “Impressions of the fair”

  1. Your fair looks so different from our but we don’t have a big farming community more logging and tourist. My husband was out at our fair tonight (it rained all day till about 5;00 pm) as he is running for public office in our county. I am going out with him tomorrow afternoon. To bed early as our son is coming home early Sunday and we have a bit of drive to the airport.

    When I was younger I was in 4-H in another county close by with a big farming community and the fair was so different.


    • Finger crossed for him! (Tell him to buy some livestock. This county’s sheriff elect did last night, lol.) Hope the reunion goes well.

      I think it’s more fun if a lot of people are participating. There are some competitions in which there are only a handful of competitors and I get the feeling the energy is much lower.


  2. These photos are great! Jim looked so sweet
    Your niece was happy to get $2500 for Jim?
    Is that considered good? Thank you for sharing
    the photos and your family w us. Very endearing indeed.


    • She got market price. She got more last year but she had one of the reserve champions last year (and it weighed about 200 lbs more).


  3. I love fairs. Thanks for sharing these, the photos made me feel happy. A is a very tall young woman, isn’t she? She holds herself with such confidence in those photos. Yay for her!

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    • Yeah, she’s 5’10” and it’s possible she will grow a little more. I think if you’re not in charge with a cow, you have the risk of getting stomped on.


  4. I love your county fair posts. Last year’s is one of my favorite posts from you.

    I live in the French Alps, which used to be all about cows, and are now all about tourists. Much has changed in barely two generations, my parents’ and mine. So it’s a pleasure for me to see strong, enduring farming communities.

    $400 for a bird whoah.
    Is A. happy with what she got?

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    • Part of the reason I write about this one is that I am worried about its health. The U.S. government is doing its best to destroy the small farmer (as if the lifestyle itself wasn’t rough enough), and the tariff war initiated by the current administration has made things much work. But these are beautiful moments and I hope someone remembers them. G-d willing, A will live a good long time yet, and maybe she will want to write about her experiences.

      I think she would have liked more but all the commodities markets are shocky right now. She got more per pound last year.

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  5. Cool~ I don’t feel so bad about missing our state fair now.


  6. Always love seeing animal pictures. I love the lashes of cows, wish I had them. We have a county fair where I live, but as always it is in the heat of summer and I don’t go for me, #1, and then I hate to see the animals look so uncomfortable in the heat. Call me a softy but I cannot help it. I love my critters. But I know others look differently on them and that is them. BTW, Jim is adorable lol

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    • Jim was better behaved than his predecessors. I don’t think these animals were more uncomfortable than they would have been otherwise. They spend much of their time outside in summer, but they were in the shade in the livestock pavilion and there were fans and windows and so on.


  7. Such a different world to mine… I just loved seeing these images! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  8. Hahahahaha!!
    Thank you, Servet!!!
    Now i am here in São Paulo, Brazil and see this little parts of your life make me feel more close of your world 😍
    (Sorry, i dont speak english) bit i love you and this blog.

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  9. How interesting. So different from the way I grew up in the suburbs.


  10. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy the glimpses of life in other bloggers’ worlds. I don’t think I will get to the fair this year. We do have a national exhibition here that does have a farm animal section and it’s always interesting (even if smelly!).


    • Yeah — hence the sweeping up of straw and the shoveling of s*** — which is an art, to pick it up without smearing or spreading it. They do disinfect but IMO the disinfectant smells as bad as the manure. My mother always said she could smell the difference between pig and cow manure.

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