It wasn’t me #richardarmitage

~ by Servetus on August 25, 2018.

12 Responses to “It wasn’t me #richardarmitage”

  1. I love his expressive eyebrows 😂

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  2. One of my favourite scene!

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  3. It looks like he is trying to explain to the palm tree how it wound up in his NYC apartment. Unfortunately, he has no idea.

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    • I know right?! That apartment decorum was
      eclectic to say the least and I wondered what
      kind of tree that was🤔😉

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      • I thought it was primitive African art of some kind.

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        • I thought the living room looked ..not contemporary but I don’t even have a word to
          describe it but his closet looked divine! I was
          hoping his doggies would be in the scene
          where Corden comes calling at his apartment
          Richard did look hot in the pic!! I had the urge
          to run my fingers thru that hair😍😍


  4. I can’t believe this. I haven’t seen this movie yet. WTF!?!


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