Richard Armitage immerses himself in audio work?

Or is it drowns?

~ by Servetus on August 25, 2018.

22 Responses to “Richard Armitage immerses himself in audio work?”

  1. And I will gladly immerse myself in his audio work. Would gladly drown, even, if I didn’t have to stop listening to go to work from time to time.

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  2. It must be an enjoyable thing for him – plus it keeps him working between acting gigs. I think I remember him saying in an interview he enjoys audio work because film work is usually more action than dialog and by doing audio books he gets to immerse himself more fully in the spoken word. I wonder if with his recent success in audio work he has been noticed by more companies and it has propelled him into higher demand. I will never tire of his soothing voice telling me stories so keep em coming Mr A 🙂

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    • It beats taking a crap movie to pay the bills.

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      • Excellent point!


      • The problem right now — looking at what’s getting made and what’s successful — is that it looks like the bang for your buck for a smaller actor who can’t get cast in a blockbuster is actually a low budget film. I don’t know what his MO for selecting movies is, of course, or what he gets offered.

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    • What’s notable about this one is that it’s a novel by a major author that has come out this year (i.e., not a “classic” or something in the public domain). I probably haven’t read any Jeffrey Archer since Peter Strauss was in Kane and Abel, and Archer hasn’t published a novel in almost a decade.


  3. I’m ready for more visual work than audio work. Oh well. It’s cool he does this, and one day when my eyesight goes I might immerse myself in the Armitage audiobook catalogue, Meanwhile, for now it just isn’t for me and I wish I could see him more on the screen or in the theater instead!

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    • I’m with you. I just looked at the Book Depository website and there are five titles that either have appeared or will appear in 2018 that I haven’t bought yet — and yet I feel like I’ve just bought a stack of audio projects (Martian Invasion, Tattooist of Auschwitz, Wanderlust, Bloody Chamber. Ah well, we’ll see. I’m going to be on long drives again this term.

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  4. Seems like he does a lot of spy stuff. Just not my favourite genre. By the way, are you listening to an audiobook during your drives to/from the new gig?


  5. After getting a few ridiculous answers from the Customer Service of AudibleUS, when I asked them why they were offering two different unabridged versions of the novel read by Richard with an astounding difference in length of almost six hours, I decided to go straight to the source, i.e. Macmillan.

    The publishing house has a wonderful and very diligent service. Here’s what they replied:

    “Hi Guillermina,

    We spoke to Audible and it turns out that the Pan Mac version shouldn’t have been available on Audible US (oops!); however, they are both the exact same program with the same run time. The six hour difference was a mistake with the description and they should be fixing it shortly. Enjoy the book!



    In other words, if -like me- you’ve pre-ordered the British edition with a red cover (PanMacmillan),which is advertised as being 10 hours long, you’ll probably need to cancel and order the international edition instead:


  6. […] critical acclaim. For other news on Richard Armitage’s audio projects, check out here  here , and a very current discussion […]


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