A more appropriate Richard Armitage image

Lucas explains to some minister why they have to get Alexis Meynell in Sppoks 7.5.

No tempting fate here; all Armitage is doing is explaining a PowerPoint. That’s not how I teach — I’m more in the “let’s brainstorm about x and then I’ll ask you some questions and you ask me some questions and I’ll tell you what I know” category as a professor — but I’ll take it. All I want to have happen tomorrow during class is: class.

I had another job interview today and I was asked to describe my behavior in a situation in which I was expected to deal with change. I laughed innerly and described one work-related situation and then situation with dad this summer where things literally changed from hour to hour for a while. I ended by saying, “if I’ve got a proposal for improvement that doesn’t offend a stakeholder, I’ll forward it, but really in situations like this I just see myself as a facilitator.”

And then tonight I was sitting in the truck outside of Flower’s house, waiting for dad to come out to come home, watching the clouds roll over, and dad got in the car and said, “it’s supposed to to rain in [city where I teach] tomorrow afternoon,” and I had to laugh. I’m not even the facilitator. No one can control the weather. It rains on the good and the evil.

Nichts für ungut, but I’ve definitely felt like the bug a lot, lately.

~ by Servetus on August 30, 2018.

16 Responses to “A more appropriate Richard Armitage image”

  1. This is why I could never be a teacher. My style, unfortunately, is heavy on the PowerPoint and light on the interactivity. Ah well. Love your song choice by the way. I used to listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter a lot in the 90’s. (Wonder what ever happened to her?)


    • I don’t know how often you teach or what you’re trying to teach, but a lot of it depends on how much of a role content plays in what you’re trying to communicate, and also how often you teach something. A lot of the things I’m teaching, I’ve talked about in some way for two decades, so part of it is keeping it interesting for myself as well. Also, there are almost no stakes if a student doesn’t remember something I’ve taught them. More important to the course outcomes are whether they can think — and that means interaction.

      MCC: her songs became less radio-friendly, both in terms of the music and the content, I believe.

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      • I don’t do it that often, and less than I used to. The content is often policy, procedures, how-to, etc, so it is content-heavy and must be delivered. Some of the participants are professional adult-educators, so they tend to be critical if there is not enough interaction. I’m better at it than I used to be, but I’m a better lecturer than facilitator.

        I see that MCC has a “new” album, although it seems to be new versions of some of her older songs.


        • She might need the money? I really don’t know. I think she was always marketed as a country artist and that wasn’t really central to her identity.

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          • Yep I think that is a pretty good assessment of her
            She was never my cup of tea and her music was categorized as country but she did have a little pop crossover I think in the late 1990s but not the level of stardom as Sarah MacLachlan or even Sophie B Hawkins did for awhile


            • I pretty much had the songs on “Come On Come On” memorized — it was my ‘get up’ music in 1993. And I wouldn’t call myself a country fan.


              • Oh wow! See in the 90s I was in grad school
                and then worked from 95 until present at the same job so my 90s music is a blur although
                I do appreciate Nirvana now more than in the early 90s bec Cobain and co songs touched on the kind of teenage angst and alienation that is so prevalent now esp on SM. An ex boyfriend got me into Sarah MacLacjlans music which
                was the only good thing that came out of the time spent w him 😎😉


                • I was in grad school from 1991 to 1998. I missed Cobain at the time; I appreciate him more now. I spent several of those years in Germany and that complicated my perception of music quite a bit. Stuff that happened in the U.S. that didn’t happen internationally passed me by.

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                  • Yeah musically I think it was a crappy decade but I am a Clinto fan and the 8 years he was in office most of his political decisions were ok except Ruwanda and Bosnia. My brother and I vehemently disagree on Clinton he even made a snarky comment yesterday which I let slip bec the twins were in earshot but I think I would have traded places e you and lived in Germany during that time or really anytime to be honest.


                    • Welfare Reform Bill of 1996. That was what put me off him. Even before the Lewinsky thing. I still can’t figure out why he didn’t resign.


                    • Well yeah that was sticky but Repubs controlled both houses and Clinton was dealing w overseas crisis as well. I’m in agreement w Clinton as a man was a douche bag and many fault Hillary for standing by her man all those years ago. Lewinsky is mild in comparison to what numb nuts aka the US Commander in Chief has on his resume of infidelity, fornication, lying so as a liberal I defend Clinton on his policies although yes some were missteps and some by his own admission later like Ruwanda were shoulda intervened but didn’t. Bosnia was a huge shitshow too my brother was there as his first tour of duty and refuses to discuss what he saw there.


                    • I had students who’d been in Bosnia who I used to let take over the last week of my modern history lectures. Crushingly awful.


                    • Yeah my brothers first tour of duty was Bosnia
                      He was very green a medical supply officer tasked w setting up first aid stations. He got back in 98 and my dad in an attempt to be supportive asked him about Bosnia and my brother just broke down and cried. Very raw and to this day he refuses to discuss what he saw there. He met my sister in law in early 99 and got married in 00 and I credit her w really helping him cope. I think his stint in Iraq in 03 was brief and mild in comparison to the horrors of Bosnia although he was 31 when he got deployed to Iraq.

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  2. Yup. It rains on the good and evil. My my…a statement I’ve repeated over and over for 2 years.


  3. […] owe the find to a combination of internet browsing and Serv’s blog. Serv posted a video of Mary Chapin Carpenter singing “The Bug”, which lead me to wonder what MCC  has been […]


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