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Castlevania season 2 poster as revealed by Adi Shankar.


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~ by Servetus on August 31, 2018.

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  1. !!!

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  2. all the vegans i know are not very tolerant of meat eaters or even vegetarians (i know quite a few) but it depends on whether you are talking vegans or people on plant based diets as they are a very different thing. I have no issue with vegans being intolerant because overall they do have the moral high ground, but if you look closer you’ll see how much infighting there in in the vegan scene with each other never mind us flesh eaters!

    btw, i feel a bit that he appears to have gone back to NYC -which i know is ridiculous but ah well

    i’m cat sitting tonight so will have a look at Castlevania on my friends Netflix subscription!

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    • Yeah I have a friend who is a vegetarian and doesn’t eat meat but eats fish so she isn’t vegan plus she likes leather and wool stuff which for I assume most vegans are no nos, I don’t eat red meat but I like chicken and maybe twice a year pork plus I love bacon so I strive to be more like her. What makes me irate is the elitist attitude of some of these vegans who shove horrible videos on everyone and
      denigrate everyone that doesn’t subscribe to their way of thinking. I thought the article about the vegans vs vegetarians was all over the place. And comparing veganism to smoking is apples and oranges bec smoking
      affects people around The smokers whereas
      what a person chooses to eat or not to eat affects them directly not who they are eating
      next to.

      Were you sad that he was in NYC and not in Berlin/Budapest w everyone else or happy?

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      • oh i missed a word out-i was trying to say that i was just a bit sad he’s not in UK! lol

        re veggies-reminds me of my only joke (better than a blonde walks into a bar)
        What do you call a vegetarian who eats fish?

        A fish and chip-o-crite!

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        • Yep I agree I wish he was in UK w his dad and brother but who knows where he is now.,

          Your joke is much better than his blonde walked into a bar.,,👏😛

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      • well actually factory farming of animals to meat the insatiable demand of meat in North America does affect the environment and that is something we all share. Seriously, meat consumption is out of control – how many wings of chicken does one society need? People choose vegan or plant based diets for many different reasons. For many years I thought the cramps and discomfort after eating was ‘normal’. When I finally stopped eating dairy I happily realized that it is not normal. I also found it was hard to digest red meat the older I got. I am vegan. I have never felt better. I would never promote horrible videos on anyone as I cannot watch them myself, it is much too upsetting. However, at the same time, I cannot disagree that people should be aware of how their food gets to their table. Then they need to make their peace with it if they feel it is worth eating meat and dairy with every meal they have. Other than one other person, I am the only vegan in my family, friends and co workers and while I never comment on them eating meat they constantly feel the need to belittle my food choices, try to convince me I am somehow missing out on life’s greatest pleasures and try and make me feel there is something wrong with me because I don’t eat meat, or dairy and especially, for some strange reason, cheese! My choice to be vegan was initially for health reasons. I confess I love a good leather purse and shoes (I feel a bit guilty about that). I feel so much better and haven’t had a cold or flu in years. Family members have lupus, diabetes, high blood pressure, gall stones, gout and other chronic ailments and are on many medications. So far I am not. I am of course opposed to animal cruelty but I think that is something non vegans are opposed to as well, I would think. I really don’t understand the hostility I receive just because I eat differently than them and for this reason it is not something people know about me until they insist I have whatever food it is they try to force on me. I try to politely decline but they are insistent. I let them know I am lactose intolerant and they look at me with a mixture of disbelief and horror that I am turning down a piece of cheesecake even though it will make me sick. They invariably then start to try and convince me to ‘just have a little piece – what harm could it do, don’t be silly’ so then I have to confess the terrible truth that I am not only lactose intolerant but vegan as well. Then the cats out of the bag and I can tell you first hand that I feel more hostility from non vegans than I have ever in my life felt from vegans when I used to eat milk and dairy. Yes, militant vegans are a turn-off. But, they feel no less passionate about it than those who save pets (cats and dogs) from neglect or abuse or those who champion the environment and climate change or social injustice. I’m not a weirdo or feel superior or an intolerant person because I eat a plant based diet. I just feel a lot better a in lot of ways.

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        • Yeah I do agree w you that non vegans are just
          as bad in attitude as vegans. I stopped eating red meat in 08 bec I too had stomach issues and could not digest the meat properly and like
          you I am lactose intolerant but I haven’t been
          able successfully to wean myself off of all
          dairy products so kudos to you that you have!
          And I can definitely empathize w you on how people view what you eat. My brother and family are carnivores they devour meat and
          I get a lot from them “oh Michele doesn’t eat meat doesn’t eat sausage or won’t eat prime
          rib what will we feed her “ it happened last night and the twins chimed in why not Aunt
          Michele what’s wrong w you? So reading your
          comment I get it totally and I wish I were further along the vegan track and I have no doubt you are healthier and happier than
          before switching your food choices.
          I just thought the comparison w smoking
          which I am in all candor vehemently opposed to vs eating choices was not great but yes I do
          agree that good choices even buying at the grocery store affects the environment directly and indirectly. By the way we had chocolate cake last night to celebrate the twins entering
          3rd grade and my stomach rebelled a few hours later.

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        • I dunno. Maybe I run into the wrong vegans. But I hung with the kosher crowd for many years and they are insanely detailed about what food they will eat or not and often ridiculously superior — but nowhere as mean about it as the vegans I’ve talked to. Perhaps it’s a selection problem, i.e., silent vegans don’t show up in the sample. I didn’t know you were vegan.

          I do agree there is a great deal of ignorance about food intolerances in North America. (Not just around lactose intolerance — also around celiac disease or severe food allergies.) I think general awareness is growing slowly but I experience it as a generational thing. (I’m thinking of old ladies who’ll say ‘there’s just a little bit of pork in this, surely it won’t bother you’ when they know I avoid pork.)

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          • Silent Vegan here! I think I was feeling a little defensive last night. I normally stay out of ‘food fights’, lol.

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            • I read an interesting article the other day about how everyone in the US seems to be taking things more personally these days, and how not to. Some of that stuff I already do, but I agreed with the author that I myself often feel more personally addressed than I actually am at times lately.

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              • I haven’t read the article but it sounds plausible to me. Things seem pretty raw right now. Exposed nerves. Apprehension. Too much twitter on my part.

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    • Yeah — I found the notion that vegans are overly tolerant of those with other diets frankly ludicrous. It’s one of the thing that makes veganism such a huge turnoff (and for years, I followed kashrut rules prohibiting meat / milk mixtures).


  3. “There’s a “worst fandom on the Internet” poll. No, the Armitage Army is not one of the choices”

    Does that mean we’re not doing it right?

    I always feel a tug on my heart when Amazon emails me “Hey Pellen, J.R.R. Tolkien’s new book is available”. Beloved Professor Tolkien is so prolific post-mortem.


    • I think it means we’re too small. Although there hasn’t been a huge dustup again in quite a while.

      Tolkien: I think that the new people at the head of the estate are much friendlier toward the release of material than Christopher Tolkien had been.


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