Richard Armitage tangentially related

Current projects:

  • Last paragraph here has a bit more on the production company for My Zoe. He’s in great company.
  • (Castlevania): A new mashup tumblr involving the series. I didn’t get it but I guess vampire story-lovers will appreciate it. And an intro to Trevor.
  • Before you buy any of the upcoming audiobooks check the usual suspects / different venues — I’ve seen a few different messages about Tattooist getting a U.S. distributor (I think), one of the Joy Ellis books being delayed. If you’re looking for audio CDs Book Depository is still your best bet.

Past projects:

Funny things Richard Armitage certainly hasn’t done:



Collateral attractions:

~ by Servetus on September 7, 2018.

22 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. I love the political joke, thanks for the laugh!


  2. I really wish Richard would try to hook his wagon to Cate Blanchett in either a play or movie soon. She is such a class act and has carved a phenomenal career while staying grounded and beating her own drum.


    • I’m sure he’d love to, but I’d guess he barely knows her except to say “hi” to.

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      • Yeah I know but doesn’t that what he had agents for..,


        • I am not an expert but I don’t think that’s how it works. You can’t just call up and say you want to be in a Cate Blanchett film, I don’t think.


          • Well isn’t he repped by a huge agency and wouldn’t these agents have contacts that extend out plus he must have had some contact w Cate during 08. I can’t believe he would be that fickle about what crosses his desk on roles. He hasn’t been in that many movies esp in the U.S.


            • I kind of doubt he did have contact with her — they didn’t have any scenes together. So they probably were not on the same call sheet. She’s at the level where she isn’t sharing prep space (he shared with Awkwafina, I think) or makeup / wardrobe people. Theoretically she knows who he is because she greeted him at the AUJ Royal Premiere in England in 2012, but I don’t think they had any scenes together in AUJ, either. I can only see her wanting to work with him specifically if she’s had some experience with that (i.e., like Hathaway and Bonham-Carter).

              As far as agents go, I don’t know exactly, but he is probably not in the category of people who get called when roles become available, i.e., where someone calls who has him in mind. He is still doing auditions (we know about Trevor Belmont and Pennywise), at least in part. So he’s probably in the situation where the agency gets news that someone is looking for an actor, and his agents push things to him that he has indicated an interest in, or they notify him of projects that are starting that are looking for actors and forward scripts to him. I’m guessing any movie that Blanchett has agreed to has tentative penciled-in people for the major roles.

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  3. Do so love this picture.. it is so natural and love that smile he is trying to cover.

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    • This is a cap from that interview — I want to say 2007? But that suppressed giggle, which we don’t see so often anymore, was one of his best moments.


  4. I love the mashup between Castlevania and What We Do In The Shadows. That movie is my go-to when I just want to watch something fun and easy. I’m happy the offical tw account of Castlevania liked it too.

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    • Oh, I’m glad you liked it — it seemed like it was well appreciated by those with the correct vocabulary for it.


  5. Annabel Capper did a pretty good American accent in that story reading. Not sure it was too New York, but it got more so as the story went on. I always find it funny that certain words are pronounced so differently that you’d have to be told to know. In this case, “condom”, which she said with the second “o” sounding the same as the first. (I didn’t really like the style of the story, though.)


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