Richard Armitage notices Hobbit Day

~ by Servetus on September 23, 2018.

6 Responses to “Richard Armitage notices Hobbit Day”

  1. Wow I’m glad Richard tweeted about the Hobbit
    piece! I’ve read that article 3 times tonight! Very endearing and honest writing by Brian Silliman.

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  2. Not read it yet but I think he tweeted with 5 minutes to spare ! I’m in North Wales at present and my OH pointed outruined castle on top of a hill range called Castke Dinas Brin and said it was an inspiration for Tolkein (I’ve had a Google and not had much success in seeing of that’s accurate though)

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    • I’m not a Tolkien superfan, although I did read his letters two or three years ago. He did go on walking vacations and such but his main inspiration seems to have come from reading.

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  3. Serv, I wonder if RCA or others noticed that he sent his reply to the wrong Brian Silliman. Brian still managed to find it, but @BrianSilliman1 is not the man who wrote the SyfyWIRE article. @BrianSilliman is.

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