Magnetic Richard Armitage picture for a different earthquake relief occasion

Richard Armitage with Vicki Treadell (British High Commissioner in NZ), at an earthquake relief event, March 2011.

In addition to everything else there’s been a natural disaster in Sulawesi (Indonesia). Here are some ideas of how to help.

In my life: Flower’s in the hospital after a hip operation and will stay there till Monday. After that at least six weeks of nursing home / rehab. She insists she’ll return to her home; I’m less optimistic. After getting the groceries and taking dad to see her, I mowed the rest of the lawn, hopefully for the last time this season. I spent most of the rest of the afternoon on dad’s bookkeeping. I’m going to bed with a fantasy Richard Armitage who is equally skilled at calculating taxes, yardwork, running errands, and being ridiculously charming and supportive. Aaaah. Hope your Richard Armitage fantasies are serving your needs as well!

~ by Servetus on September 30, 2018.

5 Responses to “Magnetic Richard Armitage picture for a different earthquake relief occasion”

  1. It’s getting harder. I hope Flower eventually returns to her home and if not, I hope she comes to terms and finds contentment wherever she may eventually be.

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    • I hope so, too. Because if she stays where she is either she will spontaneously combust or someone will be at risk of losing control and harming her.


  2. Your life is so amazingly busy right now. May all come out for you or level out. You deserve it. My RA fantasies keep me going through a lot of times. The other day I watched both Oceans 8 and Sleepwalker. Think I got to bed about 5 a.m. but I needed the site of him to keep me company 😉 Good luck with all Serv. you deserve it.

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  3. Wonder pictures!!!!

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