Would you buy a Trevor Belmont toy? #richardarmitage

There will be a line of Castlevania toys and collectibles based on the Netflix series available, probably next year. I’m guessing Armitage didn’t get a cut of this one as they are not using his image.

~ by Servetus on October 2, 2018.

7 Responses to “Would you buy a Trevor Belmont toy? #richardarmitage”

  1. Absolutely I would.


  2. I never thought about RA getting a cut – I wonder how much a year he makes from Robin Hood toys or Hobbit & Lego figures. I wonder how lucrative that is for him.


    • I assume that his agents are totally on top of this due to the popularity of this sort of stuff. Apparently, for the LOTR actors, they initially made way more from the merchandising than they did from the acting. At some point WB gave them an additional cut, because they were so poorly paid at the beginning. For TH it’s probably wearing off at this point, although there was just a new Thorin doll and a new WETA figure a year ago. The RH stuff hasn’t been in production since 2009 — it can only be obtained on a secondary market now — and the LEGO stuff was all limited edition.


  3. Nope, I wouldn’t. Castlevania is fine (I love Richard’s narration but the story not so much) but it’s not my ‘thing’. Also, it’s the animation-Trevor and not real-Richard in small we’d get…


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