This is really dangerous #richardarmitage

Richard Armitage, behind the scenes on Sleepwalker, Fall 2014, photographed by Sarah Dunn.

Richard Armitage’s last showreel before The Hobbit (from 2009) included a dance track with a voice over of “this is really dangerous” that might be from Björk’s Cover Me. It was heavily focused on Lucas and Guy of Gisborne as he’d just finished series 3 of Robin Hood and series 2 of Spooks (with a few older, longer sequences in it). But the “dangerous” theme stuck with me over the years. Here’s another picture where Armitage (as Scott White) is laughing and his eyes are shining, but there’s still a little of the wolf about him, the suggestion in his face that he could do something just a bit shocking, given the chance.

This is the kind of jolt I’d like tonight — a shot of the pleasurably dangerous.

~ by Servetus on October 5, 2018.

14 Responses to “This is really dangerous #richardarmitage”

  1. I’m reminded of that part from the Anne of Green Gables series when she says that her ideal man would be someone who could be wicked, but woudln’t. That’s what the picture invokes for me.

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  2. He appears relaxed, coffee in hand smile in the eyes but look at the clench in his left hand he needs more Yoga lol

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  3. i love this set of photos(the one with the big boots?), i love the outfit and his body shape and the hair and beard-it is just such a masculine look. He looks like a man who could look after you , rather than being one who puts himself first

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  4. Wait! I need to find that collar and leash I like……


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