Richard Armitage tangentially related

Richard Armitage and Natalie Gavin behind the scenes during The Crucible, summer 2014, from Gavin’s facebook on October 12, 2014.

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18 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. The Day Tripper post is fantastic. Who is the actor or actress writing the blog? I think Richard probably learned a lot of the mechanics of making a movie and tv show/ series this way by observing and taking mental notes of who did what and why behind the scenes. He seems very sweet and that he would get along with fellow cast members and crew so even on O8 where he was a supporting actor he probably got along splendidly with the gals as well as Corden. Case in point when he tweeted happy birthday to Sandra Bullock and commented about her picking up her kids from school. I gathered that might have been learned by him from conversations w her between takes.?


    • Chris Naylor, who is still working in theater / film etc. He wrote several posts a year or two back in which he polls his classmates about their experiences, and those were really interesting.

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      • Thank you for the info. I really like his honest reflections and I like when I can get a sneak peek at another’s perceptions of their jobs. Actors always seem to make it look easy on the big screen and it is nice to know that actors have insecurities and sometimes don’t know what is going on just like everybody else in their daily lives and jobs.

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  2. …BTS sold out Citi Field in less than 10 minutes. Now all the fans can buy tickets from brokers for three times the actual cost. Grrrrrrrrrr!

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  3. I am glad Barbara Broccoli clarified this. I am on board for more great female heroes on screen but why transform an male character and not write an original story for a female lead?

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    • I honestly don’t care either way — I like both genderswaps and new stories. To me the dividing line is whether a role is archetypal or somehow rooted in history at a point at which messing with specificity would damage the narrative significantly. To me, e.g., Doctor Who is archetypal and it doesn’t matter who plays him, but James Bond is a Cold Warrior. (Admittedly I haven’t seen most of the movies since about 1987 or so). It’s hard to see a woman playing that kind of Cold Warrior. But then again I think it’s a character that’s bound to disappear precisely for that reason.


  4. Chris Naylor’s posts are always interesting and insightful. Thanks for linking to this one – the experience sounds like the sort of feeling that hits you on your first day in a new company…
    Re. Arden’s Wake – wasn’t there some sort of event in London last week, too, where the piece was shown?

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