Dreaming about the nape curl vortex @richardarmitage

Richard Armitage, World’s End premiere, summer 2013.

~ by Servetus on October 10, 2018.

9 Responses to “Dreaming about the nape curl vortex @richardarmitage”

  1. Absolutely divine nape curls!!

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  2. Beautiful, something to run your fingers through.

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  3. Peak curls post Guy? Fabulous.

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  4. Nape curls and even the beardy beard are
    nice dreams! I would be sleeping well if both and his hunky majesty popped up in my dreams!! 😍💗

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  5. Those were the days… so dreamy!

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  6. Ich mag es sehr, wenn er die Haare länger trägt und sie sich so schön kringeln können.
    Der Bart ist hier allerdings doch zu heftig. Sein Hals ist nahezu überwuchert. Für Thorin mag das angehen, für Richard ist das zu viel.

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  7. Ahhhh! I do so miss this look. If only he were cast in another period drama where long hair was required. One can dream 😉

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  8. I wish he’d go back there. It’s not that he looks bad the way he is now, but there’s something so brutal about such a short haircut.


    • I agree with you that sometimes his haircut is too short. But this length is optimal to tousle his hair. ( starting to dream) Only his current style of his beard is better imo


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