If you wanted to hear Richard Armitage’s Russian accent again

Here’s a clip of Heads You Win.

Richard Armitage as Lucas North playing a Russian oligarch in Spooks 8.

~ by Servetus on October 16, 2018.

10 Responses to “If you wanted to hear Richard Armitage’s Russian accent again”

  1. Oh, fantastic. I was already delighted to hear him as Felix in The Man from St Petersburg, but hey, the more the better.


  2. Il avait dit s’être inspiré des voix graves des chants russes, pour composer la musique de “The Misty Mountains Cold – The Hobbit”. J’aurais aimé l’entendre chanter ces chants orthodoxes russes originaux. Ou encore jouer au violoncelle (“Fiddler on the roof”) “un Violon sur le Toit” avec la fameuse chanson: “Ah si j’étais riche”.

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  3. Gosh he can even rock reading glasses as sexy and sophisticated! I think his Russian accent is delightful. How authentic it is I don’t know but I would listen to it. I liked the twist of Lucas playing a Russian. If the Spooks writers had only been that funny and clever in S9.

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  4. i guess he’s probably signed up to do so many audiobooks for audible-a bit like bands signing to do a certain amount of albums


    • it’s possible — although if I were his agent I’d negotiate a different rate for high profile books as opposed to “Audible Originals” like Wanderlust.


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