Richard Armitage audioclip — The Other Queen


~ by Servetus on October 16, 2018.

6 Responses to “Richard Armitage audioclip — The Other Queen”

  1. I’m sure I will buy this but I’m so over the Mary Queen of Scots story…

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    • Seriously. (and there’s a film coming out too, I’ve seen the trailer several times now). But those novels are really popular, I’m sure it’s high exposure for him.

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  2. This is one I will buy. I love the author so I’m excited by this – having not felt enthusiastic about much he’s done lately this isI good news for me.


    • I think that’s a general issue — but also with such a wide variety of audiobooks these days it would be hard to be excited about everything just because the areas are so disparate. I am still on the fence about purchasing everything since the first Joy Ellis one. I never get around to buying them, although now I have four hours of drive time to listen, which feels a bit like a sign …


      • That’s true. I don’t have a natural space for audiobooks – I only have a short commute to work and not much listening time. I usually read at night and when I have tried audiobooks I usually fall asleep within minutes!

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