Armitage dad jokes

~ by Servetus on October 21, 2018.

20 Responses to “Armitage dad jokes”

  1. Ah I had to google what he meant by chuffed
    He retweeted that other tweet about the BS articles—she’s a fan right not a journalist or
    reporter right?

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  2. Even in jest his Dad does make a good point 😉

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  3. Poe’s Law strikes again.

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  4. I somehow don’t think he’ll be the next Bond… just an angle to make the interview catchy I guess. People don’t realize that’s a joke about his dad saying that? Dads do like to tease like that. In the other hand, more acting would be appreciated!

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    • well, assuming that any statement could be ironic means that it’s hard to be definitive about opinion, but yeah, there are several responses saying essentially, your father loves you or your father is only kidding or you should get your father an Audible subscription (I had to laugh at that — he’s said his father is partially deaf now) or if he were performing in England more his father would realize or whatever.

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  5. It’s also striking because this is the third ( light-hearted) tweet since his Mom’s death claiming his father teased him about his career, and prior, there were no tweets like them. (Others were June 6 or thereabout – his Dad said he was in the ” all female Ocean’s reboot” and a lifetime of “tall dwarf” jokes.

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  6. I hope he spends time with his dad. Doing the odd chores – that he doesn’t leave it for his brother to cope with.


    • Can be hard with his commitments. From my own situation, I can say that my brother and I tagteam but this wouldn’t have worked in my previous career settings.


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