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Max Deacon, Richard Armitage, and Nathan Kress in Into the Storm.

Lately, feeling uninspired, I’ve been looking for Armitage caps that reflect my mood, so tonight I googled “Richard Armitage cleaning” and got a list of completely unrelated images. Has he been pictured cleaning? I ended up going with this because he’s supposed to be cleaning up from the tornado here, but in fact he doesn’t have gloves on, so it’s kind of obvious he’s not doing much.

On top of everything — the township finally got to raising assessments this year, the property market being held to have recovered from the 2008 market crash and its consequences, which also means the house has to be reassessed, and we got a postcard about it earlier this week. So the assessor is coming on Wednesday. Nightmare! A stranger is going to see into dad’s hoarding heaven. Anyway, it’s not about the house being clean or neat, just about them being able to count the rooms (which is weird, because the number hasn’t changed in fifteen years, but whatever). Even so, the rooms we live in are cluttered and dad has a way of filling up rooms with stuff when I am not looking. So we tried to get a bit of a purchase on it yesterday and today and I did get him to part with two huge bins of recycling and consign a big stack of things for delivery to a thrift store. It’s a constant fight, such that I don’t like bringing my own stuff into the house as there’s just nowhere to put anything more.

In process, though, I looked at some of my own accumulated stuff, and the boxes from my last move were practically untouched. Looking at them, I think I’ve found my a new Richard Armitage blogging topic to inspire me. I hope I can find the time and energy simultaneously. The days until the assessor comes are going to be rough and jampacked. I’ve got grading to do. Flower has to be visited and dad has to go to the doctor, a lecture has to be delivered and a few other things done as well. But I’m sick of noticing that I’m tired. I want to be writing and I’m going to find a way. Darn it all.

~ by Servetus on October 21, 2018.

13 Responses to “#richardarmitage du jour”

  1. Wow. I’m surprised that your Township Assesor is allowed to make their evaluation inside your home. When I worked for a County Assessor in Illinois we were never allowed inside a resident’s home. We could only measure the perimeter of the house and any out buildings, driveways, decks etc, any improvements to the land. We could take photos of the exterior but never on the inside. Any remodeling/additions were picked up from building permits and then were calculated into the added square footage when we measured.
    I guess you could look at the revaluation as a blessing in disguise if it helps you to purge some stuff but it seems like pretty crappy timing under the circumstances. Good luck 🍀


    • I’m annoyed on several counts about it. First, it’s inconvenient; second, it will be expensive — I’m not in the “no increased taxes” crowd by any means, but the property market is itching to take a downturn, so if they assess at a higher rate we’ll end up paying higher taxes on property that is worth less than the assessment and it will be up to me to contest the assessment. I also don’t know why we ended up in the first group for assessment but I did call and try to postpone it till next year but they refused. I have the option of refusing to let the assessor into the house but then they make an estimate and I have no right to contest it. So.


  2. Wow that don’t do that in the UK , we have council tax, different rateable bandings depending on size etc but no one visits lol
    Mind you I would like a tidy up.


    • The last modification made to this property was 15 years ago and it was reassessed back then and they have the building permits so I’m not sure why they think they need to come in either. I guess maybe a lot of people make unpermitted modifications to their homes.

      I did feel good when I saw the pile of things to be given away. I hope someone can make use of them.


  3. I would never in a million years thought to google ‘Richard Armitage cleaning’. I found that kind of funny.

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    • He stated back in either 2010 or 2011 that he didn’t have a cleaner and that due to the Spooks script secrecy rules he might have to kill his cleaning person (in jest). At least at that point anyway it sounds like he was cleaning his own space. So I was wondering how he looks when he’s cleaning — because I look like fury — and then I realized I don’t think he’s ever had to do that in any of his roles I’ve seen.

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      • Ich stelle mir gerade vor, dass Richard gerne sauber macht und das als eine Art der Entspannung sieht (ich habe gehört, dass es solche Menschen tatsächlich, also ganz wirklich, sozusagen in echt, geben soll). Er zieht sich dann gemütlich an, wahrscheinlich trägt er eines dieser gewissen weißen T-Shirts, eines das schon ganz fadenscheinig ist und dann putzt er summend und ganz versunken vor sich hin… hach, er könnte gerne mal hier durchwischen 🙂
        Das sind Bilder in meinem Kopf… Ich geh jetzt zu Bett.
        Lass dich nicht unterkriegen, Servetus. (DeepL sagt, das bedeutet: Don’t let them get you down.)

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        • he wouldn’t have to wear the t-shirt for me, anyway 🙂 Great fantasy. I wish I could dream myself into being someone who enjoyed cleaning! Hope you slept well and thanks for the good wishes.

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  4. How about Richard Armitage’s foot while cleaning? https://mobile.twitter.com/rcarmitage/status/706155344960086016


  5. Cleaning is never ever included in any fantasy of mine – I hate cleaning. Sorry you have to deal with that on top of everything else…


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