This would be another cause I could get behind

~ by Servetus on October 31, 2018.

11 Responses to “This would be another cause I could get behind”

  1. Signed

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  2. I tried to sign it b/c this is a wonderful cause but it wanted phone number and some other vitals and I live in the U.S. so I am sending positive thoughts for him and the cause.


    • I don’t sign petitions like this for other countries, either. But pancreatic cancer research has US outposts like PanCAN, which has a really high charity navigator rating.

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      • Well thank you for the info. I like that he put in a little subcommentary to his tweet almost like an afterthought well “if we had early detection then maybe or for those down the road if this happens early detection is key”… I thought that was quite considerate of him to get so personal about it and not always cryptic or morse code speaking..


  3. I like how he wants better and faster detection in addtion to faster treatment. Early diagnosis can be key.

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  4. I support the fight against cancer in my country. I’ve got so many (too many) friends who are affected, and a coworker died from pancreatic cancer a few years ago, so I can definitely get behind this as well.
    Pancreatic cancer along with ovarian cancer are such nasty types because the symptoms only show when it’s actually too late. Screening, yes please.

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    • The survival rate for pancreatic cancer is especially low, even in comparison to ovarian cancer — it’s much harder to treat for some reason.


      • Les statistiques de survie après cancer montent. Mais il ne faut pas oublier que certains restent à jamais incurables. De plus, les plus rares ne sont pas étudiés. La survie est à quel prix, car pour gagner quelques années les traitements subis sont lourds de conséquences dans la vie de tous les jours. Les personnes en fonction de leur lieu d’habitation, de leur âge n’ont pas tous la même chance vis à vis des traitements proposés . Sans compter qu’il y a de plus en plus de cancer. Selon moi c’est la rançon à payer pour notre vie dite “moderne”, pour l’augmentation des diagnostics.
        Ce soir, j’ai assisté à une conférence à l’université sur les traces restées de la préhistoire dans notre ville. En particulier celles de Néanderthal, la vision de la conférencière (une de mes clientes), archéologue à la retraite et du jeune homme doctorant remettent les pendules à l’heure.


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