Not sure. The subject doesn’t interest me. I can’t run away fast enough from Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet is of low interest after the last film I saw him in — he’s going to be the next pretty boy flavor of the month Hollywood rams down our throats. I love Maura Tierney and am neutral on Amy Ryan. Maybe.

~ by Servetus on November 4, 2018.

18 Responses to “Hmmm”

  1. Agree, wont be buying tickets for this one…………….

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  2. My kids both read Tweak, the memoir by Nic Sheff about his addiction through his teen years. They were quite affected by it. The movie is based on both that book and the father’s book, Beautiful Boy. It might be worth seeing.

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    • I just have so little sympathy of any kind for addicts (this has to do with my family situation) and when you add to that my aggressively falling sympathy for the suffering of (elite) white men, probably this whole project is just not something that stands much of a chance with me. Steve Carell just sets my teeth on edge. But I’ll see how I feel when it’s playing here. Maybe it’ll be the least unattractive thing on cheap day or something, who knows.

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  3. I’ve got huge love for Carrell after Little Miss Sunshine but I’m not sure if this is a film I’ll go see. Keen on Mike Leighs Peterloo though-a hell of a cast and an important piece of history

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    • That probably won’t be playing in our cinema but I will make sure to see it somehow before I teach modern history again — may be a good student assignment.

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    • Yeah I am seeing Peterloo

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    • I loved Little Miss Sunshine the whole cast was stellar. Carell isn’t a bad actor he’s quietly done a lot of diverse movies.40 Year Old Virgin has grown on me. I’ve not seen Fire catcher but heard he’s very very good in it. I guess he’s just
      an actor that you either really like or don’t. Maybe Chris Pine is that way for me (👎😏😉)

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      • can’t bear Chris Pine either (and his tiny nose!)

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      • to me you never forget that it’s Steve Carell. Ever. Part of it makes me curious to see just because Armitage says that doesn’t happen this time. But part of it is I feel like he picks incredibly similar roles in the kind of movies I tend not to like (“heartwarming” is a negative for me. I prefer to be provoked by art).


        • Yeah I wouldn’t characterize Carell as heart warming either just clever. He was very subtle in Little Miss Sunshine and he played off of Paul Dano and Greg Kinnear very well. Kinnear
          is another one that I never really took seriously b/c of his Talk Soup days on E! Network but he too has quietly really come into his own. See these guys you never hear bad publicity or bad
          behavior about or at least I don’t think so. Maybe that is part of why I like them as actors

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          • I’ve never heard of those other people (well except that Dano is married to Zoe Kazan). I meant the film, not Carell. I didn’t care for it. I know it’s popular.


  4. Maura Tierney kann das leider nicht retten, und ich mag sie wirklich sehr. Ich weiß nicht warum, aber Steve Carell ist mir sowas von unangenehm, den kann ich mir kaum ansehen ohne dass es mich schüttelt…..

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  5. I think it’s probably an important film but I won’t be watching it.


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