Richard Armitage will do a second season of the Wolverine podcast


~ by Servetus on November 5, 2018.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage will do a second season of the Wolverine podcast”

  1. Hopefully Logan will have more dialogue.


  2. Good news I guess? I wonder when that will start up?


  3. Well, if he’s the main character, I’d be in.

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  4. I gave one a listen but it didn’t do it for me. Was , however, showing the girls at work his latest selfies and they went down well 😁

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  5. Richard. Get it together, man. Announce a new movie for goodness sake.

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  6. Sigh. Alright. But once again only half the package…

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  7. It pains me that my reaction to so many of these announcements is “…meh”

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