Maybe I have some space in my heart for Daniel Miller after all #richardarmitage

or somewhere else.

~ by Servetus on November 6, 2018.

15 Responses to “Maybe I have some space in my heart for Daniel Miller after all #richardarmitage”

  1. Trying so hard not to drool… ,😍

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  2. I like the post title.. all of it. Hmmmm indeed.


  3. Staring at this while I should be working…

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  4. He looks like Lucas North’s sexy, rugged older brother.

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  5. Love this pic, even though I’m not particularly enthusiastic about season 3…


  6. Is that Belstaff?

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  7. I don’t think Daniel will die, just go missing in action for awhile.

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    • I hope you are right but I think he’s only in like 2 episodes maybe 3 if we are lucky since he didn’t film very long and hadn’t been back and now it’s a wrap right? I mean it’s kinds good if EPIX builds the storyline around him but what good is that if he isn’t IN the story for very long?? Ugh..,,

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  8. Must say “Mr. Miller” looks mighty fine in those tight jeans. Looks like he is getting buff again. Wonder what is on his agenda?

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  9. That’s a real nice one! 🙂


  10. Love that thigh ❤

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