Mutual admiration society

~ by Servetus on November 7, 2018.

7 Responses to “Mutual admiration society”

  1. I’m no fan of Jeffrey Archer but he can write a good yarn. And he’s not long winded like Philippa Gregory 😉


    • yeah, not sure about this — but since I haven’t bought any audiobooks of his recently I suppose I can skip this one in good conscience. Archer is just plain scum of the earth.


      • If you’re interested in checking it out for free I found it available through my library on Overdrive. I already listened to it and it was ok, not nearly my favorite. Your comment about JA being scum of the earth made me google him. Yikes, I had no idea about his history.

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        • Thanks for the tip — it is in our library, too. There’s a 20 person queue for it.

          The whole thing with the lying about helping the Kurds was really rich. (sarcasm)


    • Helen, did you end up finishing The Other Queen audio? Did you like it or no go?


  2. Spot on with the headline, Serv 😂

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