Touch it gingerly, very gingerly, or this isn’t one I really want to hear an interview about

[if you’re not into instagram, the arrows at the margin lead to a second picture]

~ by Servetus on November 9, 2018.

16 Responses to “Touch it gingerly, very gingerly, or this isn’t one I really want to hear an interview about”

  1. His eyes are very blue in the first picture. Regarding the book, Jeffrey Archer is a funny one (not haha) re the perjury and fraud for which he was eventually jailed for. Don’t have desire to do anything that supports people like him

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  2. Exactly my feelings but in my book club lots said ‘he writes a good story’
    I tried one (Prisoner of birth) I wasn’t convinced.


    • I read Kane and Abel back in the day b/c it had been a tv miniseries with Peter Strauss, who I really liked. But honestly I have no clear memory of it at all.

      There’s a lot of nostalgia at the moment for nasty things from the past for some reason. I see it all the time.


  3. His eyes are soo blue and he looks adorable in the second pic smirky smiley sweet!! 😍😍😍💗💗Archer who? 😉

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  4. I’ve just finished listening to this book. It’s not kind of books I usually read. The author’s knowledge about way of life in the Soviet Union and Russian politics is very superficial and obviously influenced by propaganda (which works perfectly both ways). The list of inaccuracies and false facts are long, including some ridiculous Russian last names.
    Only Richard’s beautiful voice, like music, kept me listening.

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    • Thanks for the review. I was wondering whether to buy it as I still have an Audible credit and don’t know what to listen to right now. Not sure about Philippa Gregory either, to be honest. I don’t know anything about Jeffrey Archer, but I enjoyed The Man from St. Petersburg by Ken Follett. It’s a skip for this one, then.

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      • I enjoyed The Man from St.Petersburg too, especially Richard’s performance (there were some goofs too though 😀) The Other Queen is OK but I would prefer if Richard narrated the whole book, he does women characters deliciously wonderful 😊.

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    • Sometimes that’s all you need 👏😘


    • I imagine it’s fairly common for writing about Russia by outsiders to be bad — I think people think they understand it and totally miss important things. Thanks for letting us know.


  5. Does Richie wear white trousers here… ???

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