I loved this

At Herba Minor, commentary on the status of her fangirling. I found myself nodding a lot, so much so that I put an English translation in the comments that I hope won’t bug her. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to respond later (lots of doctor’s appointments today).

~ by Servetus on November 14, 2018.

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  1. Thanks for the translation and the shout out through your blog :*


  2. That was really interesting to read, very thoughtful and understandable. I guess, even though i’ve only been into RA since August-my honeymoon period was over very quickly because i deliberately held him at a distance from my heart. Partly because i’ve done the fangirl thing before-and i got my heart broken and i really didn’t want to do that again. I just say to myself that’s he a good actor and very pretty but at the end of the day he is just a man…and an actor…i don’t hold high hopes for them in general (but i’m enjoying the silly stuff and interacting many of the other fans) an looking at pictures of him being very pretty…

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    • One issue that I think affects the atmosphere in this fandom is that for many of us Armitage was our gateway fandom. I’m a bit odd in that I haven’t moved on, but that this was the first time it happened to me with this intensity is not unusual at all in this fandom. And I do think that makes a difference (just like in RL love affairs).

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      • Thanks for the reply, I know I came across as being rude and it certainly wasn’t meant an opinion on other peoples fandom. I’ll be honest in that, as much as i say i held him at a distance-the first couple of months I didn’t-i totally indulged myself and i still do on various days(which is why i’m still here!) It’s just for me and my mental health, i have to stop myself going too far down the rabbit hole because I feel with this guy-i may never come out. (dammit he’s just too beautiful)


        • Oh, not at all. I think the emotional risk is real — just in the sense that it’s easier to build a fantasy around him because so many important things are not known. In a way he’s more of a blank slate than some of his competitor celebrities.

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  3. Rachel, yeah my biggest beef with his “persona” (I can’t think of the appropriate word right now) is the Twitter thing. I think he is a phenomenal actor, dashing man, sweet Guy, devoted Uncle, but this Twitter thing is upsetting to me. I can even over look the Ken doll wanna be selfies but some of the stuff he says on Twitter is ignorant and bubble like. He doesn’t live in my reality or your reality or most of the global reality. I wish he would discuss his views on Brexit, or the Secret Santas stuff or pancreatic cancer things he actually KNOWS or has an opinion on and not #turntheothercheek

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    • There used to be SO much discussion (2012 or so) about whether Armitage would “go Hollywood.” Maybe he really has done so, just in a different way than many of us were expecting.

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  4. Hello everyone,

    First time posting because this article was so close to my experience of actor/crush/fandom that I could not NOT comment on it.

    First of all, I really appreciate your blog Servetus and I have been lurking around for a long time. I like the way you write, whether you are speaking of Armitage or anything else. Anything you write also seems quite sensible and rings true to me, maybe because I found myself silently agreeing with you many, many times.
    Thanks for providing a translation to Herba’s article, I did also agree with several things she wrote about there.

    After years in many different fandoms, what I took away from these experiences was the continuation of some friendships. I have met some of these people in real life and we’re still keeping in touch to this day. So I guess, beyond all the fake personas of the actors we were all fangirling over, we found a way to benefit of the experience anyway. Which is what has mattered in the end.
    I see it unlikely that RA might not be ‘infected’ by the fake persona trend as all celebrities have. Not because they’re all liars but it is also the identity they’ve chosen to show the others: plenty of ‘normal’ people do it too, so nothing strange there.
    Then… speaking as someone who has worked close to celebrities (I worked in a very famous designer’s company eons ago), they are all self-entitled, self-important, sometimes arrogant people. I have the deepest respect for their PAs as some of them had jobs like Anna Hathaway’s in The Devil Wears Prada. I am not saying RA is like that and I hope he is the exception. But those exceptions don’t happen often (I loved Nicole Kidman for example).

    Armitage better behave.. or he gets a Richard III lecture in public if he doesn’t stop living in that bubble!! I am from the School of Arch & Ancient History of uni of Leicester and the c**p he spouts on the topic sometimes really irritates me. End of rant.

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    • Thanks for the kind words and (belatedly) welcome!

      I don’t know that we really know anything about Armitage in terms of his regular behavior except that his coworkers and the support people on the projects he’s on speak uniformly well of him, and there’s never been any report even any rumor to suggest that he behaves badly.

      re: R3 — back when he was apparently serious about that project, we had more discussion about that and there was certainly acknowledgement that he wasn’t really on top of the history of the topic (there are a lot of Richard III / Sunne in Splendour posts in the archive) but it’s been so long since he’s said anything substantive at all that the discussion has died out. There is a “King Richard Armitage” website, but it’s mostly dormant now.

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  5. […] Blog, Servetus hat eine englische Übersetzung als Kommentar hinterlassen und zu meinem Geblubber auf ihrem Blog verlinkt und auch Perry hat mich rebloggt. Außerdem haben Servetus hier und Nell hier ihre eigenen […]


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