Third Berlin Station trailer

Here, at FB (I assume in other places as well, if not, I’ll extract it tomorrow). Still not watching.

~ by Servetus on November 15, 2018.

7 Responses to “Third Berlin Station trailer”

  1. Is this the same trailer on Orsers Twitter post? I’m not on FB so you have to log in to view 😩

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  2. Was my previous comment eaten by the system for being too long winded yesterday? Lol

    Here in UK we are barely at episode 5 of season 1 (tonight) so I don’t think having ‘spoilers’ would help lol
    Enjoying the series though 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment, and welcome — no, there’s no sign that you tried to comment yesterday on my dashboard. Yeah, the UK is really behind.

      I’m trying to avoid BS3 spoilers but in line with my reasons for blogging I’m also posting new publicity.


      • That is why I moved my website from WordPress, it drove me crazy with logging in and off and often comments got deleted in the process! I will write a new one. Thanks!


        • I did eventually find the comment and approved it. I have had periodic problems but nothing that would cause me to shift. As you probably know, you need to stick with the same IP and name and avoid posting more than one URL per post. I only have one commentator who has really severe problems.


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