Richard Armitage tangentially related

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~ by Servetus on November 24, 2018.

7 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. iMHO the cerulean monologue is the best scene in the entire movie. Meryl Streep’s soft, calm voice as she’ s ripping Anne Hathaway apart is evidence of why she is such a great actress (again, just my opinion but I love that scene)

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    • Cindy I second your opinion of Meryl Streep I think she is a class act. Watch her in August Osage County just a master class in acting
      Blows everyone away!! She was great in Devil Wears Prada just the facial expressions alone!!


    • I have a friend who works in the field of fashion color who says it’s nonsense. But in general I like the point of the scene, which seems to be that you shouldn’t diss something you know nothing about.


  2. Well I was going to post about how I don’t know how actors do sex scenes (with regard to intimacy coordinators) then I just happened across the clip of RA reading from that book Wanderlust (where he’s in the shower thinking about what he wants to do with the female character) and I’m utterly floored! And grateful! Though it felt a bit like eavesdropping on someone’s intimate thoughts.

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    • listening to that was actually what finally put me off Wanderlust. But I thought the article was interesting as I imagine Armitage as being someone who doesn’t want to do something wrong by accident.

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      • oh definitely regarding his general demeanor -but he never seems lacklustre in any of those scenes! (i replied to someone of twitter who was complaining about him doing a sex scene in BS-i said may it’s best they don’t watch half his back catalogue if they find that upsetting!) I liked the Wanderlust clip i heard and i won’t be listening to the book-the writing of that scene isn’t particularly good and i know his acting skills are better than what i heard but i still like it very much 😉

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        • Fans have always groused about the sex scenes, so it’s really nothing new. I’m always shocked when people get upset about that but don’t have an issue with the violence.

          Supposedly Lauren Blakely just emailed someone to ask if he would narrate another book … I hope we don’t need to go through this again.

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