Richard Armitage rolls out another Joy Ellis audiobook today

I’m sort of curious about the temperature — I think I know how the people who comment most often feel, but here’s a poll for all of us, including the lurkers.

~ by Servetus on December 6, 2018.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage rolls out another Joy Ellis audiobook today”

  1. No, I’m presently too broke to even buy the two or three audiobooks that vaguely appeal to me

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  2. I’ve got that bloody subscription, so I automatically get this stuff… until I unsubscribe.


  3. I have a subscription so get them free. I’ve really enjoyed this series. The last recording, The Other Queen, I had to make myself listen to it all the way through and I wouldn’t have done had it not been RA (in part – there were three readers). I don’t recommend it. Philippa Gregory needs an editor.

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    • The Other Queen was the audiobook I felt the most interested in. I’ve never read any novel by Philippa Gregory but I was curious about them, and thought it was a good occasion. And then I read people’s comments here…

      It’s a pity so many of these stories don’t appeal to me at all, because it’s really lovely to be read to by Richard Armitage.


  4. The Other Queen could have been good, at half the length. But even then I didn’t really like the voice RA used it in, which was very slow and hesitant, portraying a slightly pompous, very dignified nobleman. The biggest problem though was the endless repetition of the three protagonists’ thoughts… I lost count of how many times Mary said “I am a QUEEN” and Bess of Hardwick told us how brilliant she was at amassing wealth and houses…!

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    • Exactly my thoughts! 😉 After the second chapter of each character I thought: “Oh great…the author thinks her readers forget everything after a chapter…” and after the third I was like: “seriously?!? again?” – after that I forced myself to ignore it. The repetitions were annoying, but I found the story in itself interesting. I usually really enjoy historical fiction so I was looking forward to this one and last weekend I finally had the chance to listen to it. The voice RA gave George Talbot was (to my ears) that of a very old man though the Earl of Shrewsbury is only 41 at the beginning of the book. However, I always love it when RA tackles a northern accent and the few lines he spoke as the Earls of Northumberland and Westmorland were exquisite! And I think he also voiced the passages of Mary Queen of Scots really nicely with the slight French accent. As for other RA audiobooks: I listened to Lords of the North so often that I know passages by heart (also read all the books…) and I downloaded David Copperfield some time ago when I had a free audible month. The three Georgette Heyer Books read by Richard Armitage were available via BookBeat, where I also had a free trial. They are not the kind of books I would read, so I also would not pay extra for the audiobook, but it’s always nice to hear RA’s voice.

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  5. I tried to read a Philippa Gregory novel a couple of years ago and didn’t like her style at all, so I wouldn’t go for an audiobook, regardless of who the narrator is. But I have to say I like the Joy Ellis crime series so far, so I spent an Audible credit on the new one. Haven’t started listening yet, though. I also liked The Man from St Petersburg. Really good storytelling. Skipped Wanderlust, Heads you win & The Tattooist…🤷‍♀️

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  6. The Joy Ellis stuff sounds interesting. Was chatting at work about audio books with my nurse and she’s the same as me-there’s not really a slot in my life where I can listen to an audiobook tbh


  7. I like The Murderer’s Son better than Their Lost Daughters, so I’m looking forward to listening to this I the car.


  8. I’m still listening to The Other Queen, and agree with Helen on all points – length, repetition, RA’s voice for Talbot (would’ve been more enjoyable listening to his own 47 year old voice.) I have a couple of Audible credits available; this new Joyce Ellis book is a given, I enjoyed the first two immensely, but I’m still tossing up whether or not to get the Jeffrey Archer one.


  9. Fascinating looking at these results — over a quarter of respondents never bought an Armitage audiobook.


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