Let the insanity begin

Epix would like you to tweet a letter to Richard Armitage. Geez, the man already has a hard time keeping up with fan mail.


~ by Servetus on December 8, 2018.

17 Responses to “Let the insanity begin”

  1. Are we to write a goodbye letter? I’m ‘dying’ to know what really happened to Daniel. lol.

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    • Dear Richard Armitage,

      I’m wondering why you’re still in this show. Asking for a friend!



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      • Might not be for mich longer! Got to say, with BS1 it’s finally got to the interesting bit

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        • I think I’ve decided to buy EPIX again (instead of cheating), so maybe I’ll rewatch season 1 — it’s been about a year since I’ve rewatched.


          • i find i have to watch each episode twice (maybe too distracted by RA?) I still wish they’d filmed it a bit differently-bit longer focus on each character so you may actually form some attachment to them


            • it’s really a huge problem. There’s so much going on (often with minor characters) that there’s no time to invest in the series regulars. It takes forever (for instance) to find out Valerie’s backstory.


  2. What a weird call from Epix. I wonder what they’re hoping to achieve by it. 🤔

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  3. I am not going to write here what I really think, but suffice to say that I actually hope against hope that hardly anyone follows this call for tweets. Just because I believe that no one should gift their attention and time to a Twitter machine which regularly calls for engagement and never follows up on promises.

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    • well, genuine shock that he’s tweeted a reply a few minutes ago in response! i stand corrected that he even would acknowledge that people did tweet in response to the epix tweet

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    • Yeah — I just rolled my eyes. EPIX’s sm is so lame, and what’s the point here? Why now? Were they bored?

      I saw though that Audible is also ramping up its Armitage fan love — they replied to a few people yesterday asking them to participate in something or other, fan friday or something like that.


  4. Seems kind of silly to me. Oh well, I guess I’m not who they’re aiming at anyway.

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