Richard Armitage tangentially related

Urban and the Shed Crew:

Berlin Station:

Ocean’s 8:

Kudos for Armitage:

Things Armitage has said:

Collateral attractions:

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~ by Servetus on December 8, 2018.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Amazon UK say the Urban DVD will play in Europe.

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  2. Do you have VLC media player in the States? In Europe, it plays Region 1 DVDS , so possibly it is region free (although it would be a bit of a gamble to buy Urban specially) . Hope you will be able to get a playable copy.

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  3. I’ve had a region-free DVD player since month 3 of Armitagemania, so I’m not too worried. Sorry for being unclear — “believe it when I see it” refers to my skepticism that Brady will ever meet an announce date. Once it’s available on DVD eventually there will be “other options,” too.


  4. I also bought a region free DVD and It was for Richard that I did it. I have ordered several DVD’s from Amazon UK and they come in good condition.
    However am doubtful of Urban and the Shed Crew coming in, but I did preorder and they don’t charge you until it is shipped. So will keep my eye out.

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    • I think it’s possible that if they have a lot of pre=orders and no item, they might advocate to the distributor on the part of the orders.


  5. so, all the interview with Orser and non with Armitage…is that linked to possibly Orser having a bigger role and Richard a much reduced one as has been suspected?

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    • I think that’s a likely reading. Also, Armitage did ALL the publicity in season 1 and a lot of it for season 2 — when in both cases Ifans should have been doing more. So maybe there’s a confluence of things going on here. Armitage isn’t in as many episodes (perhaps due to the scriptwriting, perhaps due to his own request), so he wouldn’t have as much to say?

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