Still grading – Richard Armitage self-publicity stream

And to make my civ class come out to correct results mathematically, I’d have had to give a 23 point curve on the objective portion of the final (which I was not prepared to do). A lot of people have been talking the last few years about how the bell curve doesn’t seem to apply anymore, and I experienced it again today. Anyway.

This I’d see if it came here, which it won’t.

And this is weird, iirc they aired this episode already last week?

~ by Servetus on December 9, 2018.

5 Responses to “Still grading – Richard Armitage self-publicity stream”

  1. These tweets sound so detached and impersonal (except the Vox Lux one), it made me wonder if it’s really him writing. They don’t usually seem that way to me.

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