Guessing I’m the ironic smiler they mean, but the picture looks good

but I won’t have time to check for a while, anyhow. I imagine I’ll try it out sooner or later. Meanwhile, thanks to Herba for the info.

Armitage’s Christmas treat (free) at

~ by Servetus on December 10, 2018.

22 Responses to “Guessing I’m the ironic smiler they mean, but the picture looks good”

  1. I love this vid. so much. ❤

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  2. Ooooh glasses

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  3. oooooh his eyebrows while he’s reading! widegiddysmile

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  4. Ok, maybe he hasn’t quite reached peak sexy yet 🙂

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  5. Sounds like a terribly shmaltzy read tbh and his little girl voice is a bit Monty Python! Nice video of him though-wrinkles crinkles and all 😊

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  6. I actually really want to hear this story…and not just because of RA. That’s a really nice change!


  7. The Insta pic seemed a little “off” to me, but the video has well and truly made up for it! Crinkles, wrinkles and silver in his beard…….yum!

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  8. Thanks once again for the link love.
    The vid really made my day….after the stupid tweets from the BS front

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  9. Ok so is that the same sweater, but with the neck all stretched out now? And I like his hair much better here. It’s a cute video all around! I love a good schmaltzy story… after The Fourth Friend, which so far is really good!

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  10. That whole video just makes me smile. That’s the Richard I fell in love with!! He sounds happy.

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  11. It’s really heartwarming to read all those enthralled posts of you ladies about this/our happy-best-looking, gorgeous man ! 😀


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