Trevor to join Guy of Gisborne #richardarmitage

So Trevor’s going to get his own doll. Will probably get this one and see if he and my Guy of Gisborne and Thorin dolls get along. I think they might exclude Thorin on the basis of his non-PVC attire.

~ by Servetus on December 12, 2018.

7 Responses to “Trevor to join Guy of Gisborne #richardarmitage”

  1. Tmi on his part about LOVING wearing PVC 😁

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    • There’s an older interview — BBC radio after the first season of Robin Hood — where he says he loved the leather pants, had his own, and wore them even after they went out of style. And then the Robin Hood costume designer said he loved the Guy of Gisborne costume.

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  2. I guess there’s also an initial version of this tweet that he deleted (grr) where he made the comment “stickey”.


  3. Really stupid question – but what has Gisborne to do with PVC? Or am I taking this too literally?


    • Frances Tempest said at some point that those costumes were some particular kind of Hungarian leather product — but I don’t know if she said they were real leather or a synthetic. PVC is a frequent component of synthetic leather. I assume that’s the reference.


  4. You notice “The man” does love his leather. He has so many different leather coats and wears them very well.

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