If my “funnybone” hadn’t been over-exerted yesterday

I’d probably have found this amusing. Maybe the real problem with Twitter is precisely that we are invited to “overhear” everyone else’s conversations.

~ by Servetus on December 15, 2018.

28 Responses to “If my “funnybone” hadn’t been over-exerted yesterday”

  1. I’m probably being dense but I don’t get the wind machines reference


  2. i don’t follow twitter, I’ve just been following your comments on this blog. So I think this is actually funny. I like that the boys are jumping into the fray

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  3. I really should step back from commenting right now because anything is riling me, but once again I feel manipulated. Plus: So, this kind of inane banter is worth keeping, but the many serious and thoughtful replies by the unknowns can be ditched? Sorry, as I said, I am taking things far too personally today…

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    • Du bist halt auch bloß ein Mensch. Ich verstehe gut, dass du dich ärgerst.

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    • I don’t usually reply (and I only like a handful of his tweets) but I think we do need to either accept (or deal with the consequences of the realization) that he’s not interested in engaging fans and that our speech to him in whatever forum is essentially meaningless. That’s been my assumption for a long time. But I do get the feeling of “I took the time to participate in a discussion you started and now you’re removing it” myself and it’s highly unfair.

      I really think he just wants to broadcast his opinions / preach. He doesn’t really get discussion with fans on Twitter.

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      • I essentially agree with what you are saying, Serv – and my usual MO is like yours: no replies, no likes. I accept and understand that he doesn’t want to or can’t reply to people who comment on his tweets. I can also see and understand how he might just want to use Twitter to broadcast and preach. But even if that is his only reason for being on Twitter, it still makes no sense that he then deletes his sermons…
        Anyway, I don’t want to perpetuate the discussion. You are right – I need to accept this behaviour – and move on.


      • i initially felt he didn’t engage with Tweeps as he was worried about jealousy between fans (because you know he’s so hawt) but i now agree with you that he really has no interest in us little people .It’s funny for someone who seems to be a feminist actually has little respect for his female fans and or our ability to self regulate


  4. When I first saw it, I thought he was talking to the fans, which would have come off as talking down to fans. Context of it being towards his movie sons makes a world of difference!

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  5. Nathan Kress’s “whispered” it definitely is in response to his screen father is funny.

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  6. Eigentlich ist das süß und spaßig (nicht, dass ich die Zusammenhänge ohne deine Erklärung erfasst hätte), aber ich bin gerade etwas überstrapaziert, was sein Auftreten bei Twitter angeht. Wenn er nicht wieder mal seine politischen Aussagen gelöscht hätte, dann hätte ich gestern vielleicht sogar diese merkwürdige Ankündigung eines neuen Projektes als einen Versuch humorvoll zu sein betrachten können.
    Aber, wie hat mal jemand hier in Deutschland gesagt: “Hätte, hätte – Fahrradkette.” seufz

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