Richard Armitage seeks the truth?

~ by Servetus on December 19, 2018.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage seeks the truth?”

  1. Ohhhhhh arrrrgh can of worms…
    (Thanks for posting!!)


  2. Please forgive my thick head, but I don’t get it, or am missing what he wants people to take, (get?) from Berlin Station?

    Maybe I’m just tired, long day and still got a lot of work to finish up before I’m done. So my apologies for being clueless here. ❄️


  3. Sometimes we only want the truth if it aligns with our own perception. Some times people prefer to say in the dark.


    • And a lot of abuse is justified in the name of “looking for the truth.” He sounds almost like a right wing conspiracy theorist here.


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