Richard Armitage’s annual Christmas letter 2018

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Happy Christmas from Studio 3 @audible

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~ by Servetus on December 19, 2018.

17 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s annual Christmas letter 2018”

  1. It’s weird — I anticipated this so hotly just three years ago — and now it leaves me completely cold.

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    • Il n’est jamais trop tard! J’aimerais que vous gardiez un esprit bienveillant et positif. Et j’espère que les “montagnes russes” émotionnelles ne vous aient pas trop épuisées moralement.

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    • It is strange. The messages of the last years left me cold and so I did not really wait for the one this year, but this one gripped me. Perhaps because a close and lovely aunt of mine died this year, suddenly and unexpected, and so I felt very much connected to his sentiments expressed in his letter. It reduced my impressions I had posted here lately significantly.

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  2. I liked it, probably because I identify with loss this year. And I like that he has intentions to honor his mom by being the very best he can be. He wasn’t (very) preachy, just reminding us all to reach out to others who may be less fortunate. Overall it struck me as pretty mellow. Although I found the part about the production company interesting. Looking forward to hearing other interpretations

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    • I saw last night on your FB that apparently your mom had died? I’d meant to write you a message last night and then I just had to go to bed. I’m so sorry, even if I know that she had been “not herself” for a while.

      It’s not that I don’t sympathize with his loss. I do, quite a bit.

      There seems to be a big discussion already in play at Guylty’s (advantages of being in the same time zone as Armitage): I think most people are enjoying it.


      • Thanks for your good intentions but I know you have a huge amount on your plate so sleep is much more important 😃

        Mom passed in October, which is why RA’s message this year hits so close to home for me.

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      • Thanks for linking – and I just wanted to add something here that is definitely true for myself in relation to the message: I so badly WANTED to like a message for a change… I wonder whether that also applies to the other positive replies on my blog. I’ll ask that question later on in a post…


        • I don’t need to spread my ill humor any further about this than I have, probably. How we get these messages is always contingent on the shade of our own receptivity. I was dreading this one so I guess it’s not as bad as it could have been. I don’t know if I really want to write about it anymore, though.

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  3. My reaction was relief. Nothing really objectionable. I expected him to mention losing his mother and was pleasantly surprised by the vague, but welcome news, that he’s beginning to start a production company. I’m a little thrown by his reference to visiting Cons this year, and wonder what he’ll be promoting, unless he means the Hannibal con that’s been announced -though he spoke in the plural. I don’t know how I’ll feel about him showing up with some dwarves actors, but I’m sure some lucky fans will love that. Basically, my reaction was, whew.

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  4. I wonder where his company will be based and what name he’ll give it.

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  5. I´m really curious how the whole production thing will turn out. You have to socialize lot if you want to achieve anything in the world of acting. (And I still think it´s the reason RA isn´t getting many good roles).


    • it’s true — you have to be a schmoozer, in Hollywood and NYC at least. But maybe the UK is different.


      • I think he once mentioned Kevin Spacey telling him to see only people he wants to see and that he was grateful for this piece of advice. But even in normal life – you just have to see people if you want to know what´s going on/influence things.

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        • Yeah — at the time we had a few discussions about whether that really was good advice. My feeling is that it’s good advice if you are Kevin Spacey. Ordinary mortals may need to network.

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