Relieved Richard Armitage for Guyday Friday

This is kind of how I feel. We spent a lot of today at dad’s attorney signing things. Theoretically these arrangements should last us (the necessary) five years. And now a big chunk of time in my week is free again. No one yelled. It’s a minor miracle. I know I keep saying, hopefully back to business now — but I’m hoping that I can spend a big chunk of time tomorrow on my own projects again.

~ by Servetus on December 28, 2018.

18 Responses to “Relieved Richard Armitage for Guyday Friday”

  1. Glad today went well for you – heaven knows you deserve it!

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  2. I have a dirty mind – I thought you were feeling something else. That being said, I’m glad today went a bit better for you.

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  3. I’m so pleased something went well for a change! Long may it last.

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    • we’ll back to arguing tomorrow unfortunately as I start to operationalize the stuff the attorney put in place, but I have a lot of peace about what we did yesterday. It is in dad’s best interest and ours.

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  4. yay!

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  5. That sounds like a great relief! Thank goodness!

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  6. The very thought alone to have time off gives a good feeling, right? I hope for you it gets real.

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  7. Enjoy every minute.

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  8. Glad you finally had some “mental or emotional” relief and you pick an excellent picture to show how you feel.

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  9. Nice to be able to focus on some of your own projects. So important.


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