Richard Armitage a posteriori

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood 2.6.

~ by Servetus on January 6, 2019.

24 Responses to “Richard Armitage a posteriori”

  1. Nice, very nice! i loved how they had his leathers dip, especially in the front it was almost like the beginning of a heart. Smart. They knew what they had and were not afraid to use it.

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  2. I volunteer to use my sense of touch to make some cheeky observations and get to the bottom of things.
    (Sorry… I do love me some puns… and buns.)

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  3. They certainly did , however I wonder now if it ‘damaged’ RA he definitely took a lot of ribbing, after all Robin Hood was supposed to be the ‘eye candy’

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  4. I do enjoy having to google some words you use so I get the puns 😁

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  5. ❤️

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  6. Sorry but Robin just was not eye candy, even though they were trying to appeal to the younger teenage crowd. They did not expect “mama'” to notice a certain “black Knight”. Nor when they hired him did not realize he already had a pretty strong fan base. Totally oblivious.

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  7. I miss Guy.

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  8. Gawd….I love that posterior(i) !!! From the beginning to the end…

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  9. Started watching when it first aired on BBC America because I’ve always loved the stories of Robin Hood. But stayed to watch Guy.

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    • That is when I first learned of the series. Glad I had BBC America for sure. ☃️

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    • I always find it interesting when someone says that. I’d never have watched this show on my own.


      • certainly in the UK when it was released it was toted as the next big Saturday early evening show. They were trying to replicate the success of the return of Dr Who-a show for all the family to watch -but it never quite hit the mark IMO. Infact, a quick google shows the 1st episode got 8.6m viewers which then dropped off to an average of 5.5m and dropped right off to 1.7m viewers when they put it on BBC2.


        • well, Lady Grayse was watching it in the US, where you’d have had to have BBCA to see it, i.e., a cable channel. In the years when it was premiering I was in Germany, and then I came back to the US and didn’t have any TV beyond terrestrial; I think I had one channel in 2009. But the reason I wouldn’t have watched it is that it would never occur to me to watch a TV show about Robin Hood, let alone one pitched as “family viewing.”


          • Oh I get about Lady Grayse. Re why would you watch Robin Hood…well I guess in the UK he’s still one of our biggest legends and it is a very British thing…knocking down the rich! Also we like a good hero saving the underdog story 😂


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