ICYMI: I’m guessing Richard Armitage isn’t doing this


Apologies for silence. I spent all day reading Locke’s Essay on Human Understanding. I had a hard time with it in grad school and I struggled today and then I had to pick a few pages for students to read, which was just … uch. Anyway, once I get past him and Hume tomorrow the weekend should be clear.

~ by Servetus on January 10, 2019.

8 Responses to “ICYMI: I’m guessing Richard Armitage isn’t doing this”

  1. it’s a bit of a hinterland anyway

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  2. “A Dissertation of the passions” was one of my son’s most hated student book. I hope you would SUCCEED and lead them get to like David Hume.

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    • I didn’t like David Hume either but as I got older I increasingly saw the point (as with Plato, who I did like as a student but who means a lot more to me now).


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