He looks happy #richardarmitage

which is the main thing I want for him.

~ by Servetus on January 11, 2019.

26 Responses to “He looks happy #richardarmitage”

  1. This just leaves me pining for Austria – the snowy Alps – the all too snowy Alps ATM. I’m off in 4 weeks’ time. If in Europe: “Stay clear of avalanches, Richard!”.
    Yep, he looks like he’s enjoying himself, which is also the main thing I want for him.


    • I thought about that too — there was a picture of a snow rescue on TV here night where the helicopter pilot had to anchor the nose of his helicopter in the snow to let the rescuers out. Stay safe, Richie!

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      • avalanche risk is 5 out of 5 almost everywhere at the moment. however, they do keep the ski slopes quite safe by various measures. but one should definitely not go off piste at the moment. does it say or does someone know where the pic was taken? someone said Austria in the comments but I’m not on Instagram and I didn’t find which region exactly…


  2. agree 100% with your sentiment xx

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  3. Agree completely- I’m enjoying this last few month’s time as he seems somehow light-hearted. Whether because he’s made peace with something, fallen in love, chuffed for a new dream, or all of the above, it’s kind of heartwarming to me.

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  4. his nose looks so tiny underneath those over size goggles! lol


  5. No Daniel beard it seems, just that lovely stubble. Lovely pic to wake up to this morning, seeing him happy and having a holiday doing something he enjoys.

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  6. Er scheint ganz in seinem Element zu sein. Es sei ihm gegönnt.
    Wenn er keine abenteuerlichen Ausflüge abseits der Pisten unternimmt, dann sollte er eigentlich auch sicher sein. Ich schätze ihn nicht so ein als würde er ernsthafte Sicherheitshinweise leichtfertig ignorieren.

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    • Hard to say but I assume that he’s careful if he has projects pending. I also imagine his value of consideration toward others probably keeps him on piste, but just a guess.

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  7. I agree with your sentiments –I hope he finds true happiness.

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  8. This is my favorite kind of selfie of him. No PR, no filters, just genuinely sharing his happiness in doing something he loves. I totally agree with your sentiments and wish him an endless supply of happy in the coming year.

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  9. The beard is gone – yay!

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  10. We know he loves skiing and it obviously makes him happy. Good, he needs it after the year he has had.


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