Richard Armitage tangentially related

It’s been quite a while, so a monster edition here. Around here we are all giving thanks for the escape / return of Jayme Closs, and I am emerging from Derek Parfit’s articles on identity. Whew. I also think I have a few more things but I’m going to publish this now and look for the other things tomorrow.

Current projects:

Past projects:

Future project:

Beard v. No beard:

Things Armitage has said:

Collateral attractions:

Things we’ve talked about:


~ by Servetus on January 12, 2019.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. not heard of the cameo thing-it’s very intriguing. It’s hilarious how you can get Corey Feldman for $122 but terrible UK reality star Gemma Collins for twice that! all hail the Frog Brothers

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    • For a while, you could get a voice mail announcement or a phone message or something from Graham McTavish. I also think the pricing is interesting.


  2. haha, the cute aggression thing i totally get! i’m always squeezing my cats a bit too hard when they’re being’s quite a childlike quality that-where we get overwhelmed with emotion that we don’t know how to deal with it

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    • There are days now where three out of every five posts in my FB feed are of something cute and it just has the opposite effect on me.


  3. We have a word for the cute agression thing in our language, gigil. We use it when we find the baby so cute you just want to pinch them haha!

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  4. Thanks for all these links, Serv! And I’m not even satiated…. I still think he’s in love.

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    • A friend of mine said exactly that to me after seeing his press conference in Feb 2011.

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      • just looked at the 2011 conference and yeah he looked super happy but i guess tha’s down to having the role of a lifetime and the possibilities that encompassed. I think he’s in a similar frame of mind now where his world has suddenly so much more possibility due to being master of his own destiny. Very exciting times for Armitage!


  5. Most people probably don’t remember it but there was a cartoon character called Elmira who loved her animals to much they all would run and hide from her even the wild ones. She would love them too much! They were scared to be around her. I can identify with that when something is cute or adorable.


  6. Le Dracula de Murnau revu dans la splendide version de Herzog! Klaus Kinski avait le physique idéal pour incarner “Nosferatu” et Isabelle Adjani était la parfaite victime. Merci pour ce retour aux années de mes 20 ans!


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