Rent Geraldine’s cottage #richardarmitage

Only £500 week, and the blogger is a fan. Thanks to Bolly for this!

So: what Harry Kennedy fantasies would you run in your Kopfkino while you were renting?

[I’m still alive. Three week term ends Friday so things should calm somewhat then.]

~ by Servetus on January 23, 2019.

7 Responses to “Rent Geraldine’s cottage #richardarmitage”

  1. Oh, I´ve just finished watching Handsome stranger for comfort:-)

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  2. i’ve only watched the handsome stranger eps once and years ago when it aired!
    the cottage looks beautiful inside and that bath..well!
    glad you’re alive still x

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  3. When I read the article I wondered if she would mention RA and was thrilled when she did. It’s always nice to have our good taste confirmed.

    I grew up in the ‘Dibley’ area and every time go back I have a little kopfkino running involving bumping into RA – in which of course he would fall instantly in love with me at first sight!

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  4. Anybody planning their holidays yet lol???

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  5. This cottage looks lovely and what a fun side trip it could be after seeing a certain handsome stranger in a London play. The price seems reasonable too for a whole week especially if cost shared with a couple of friends. The village looks charming.

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  6. Is the handsome stranger included?!😃

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  7. Well it is definitely the type of house I love, however with air fare and the weekly rental it just would not fit into the budget as much as might love to stay in it.


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