Did Richard Armitage get his Go-Pro?


~ by Servetus on January 24, 2019.

10 Responses to “Did Richard Armitage get his Go-Pro?”

  1. I think that is was just his phone. Fun video though. One should never text and ski. haha

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  2. Great headline, Serv 🤣. I actually checked – reflection of his ski goggles reveals that he is filming with his phone.

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    • Just an idea. Could it be that this jaunty short film and his selfie from earlier this month were taken at the same day and spot ? Or is he travelling with all his skiing equipment around the world (in winter) ? Anyway he would’ve been on the piste pretty immediately after his arrival in Sundance.


      • In the picture from the airport he has a Spyder sky jacket on and if he rents the skis and poles and so on, it wouldn’t be so much stuff to take around. Oh I’d soooo love to go skiing right now, even more so after that video snippet https://ibb.co/4JGqXpG…it’s glorious outside but work goes first 😦


  3. yeah, bit concerned he’s using his phone rather than something like a go pro-guess he is keen to be on the camera and not just behind it, lol

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  4. Er scheint völlig allein unterwegs zu sein, bei herrlichem Wetter und bester Laune. Ich würde es ihm ja so gönnen, dass er jemanden an seiner Seite hätte, aber er macht einen sehr zufriedenen Eindruck.

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  5. Glad he’s having fun, and park city is beautiful, but you would never catch me skiing. Terrifying!

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  6. Skiiing and filming at the same time, I hope he doesn’t do that too often, but I’m glad he’s given us a glimpse into something he obviously loves doing.

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  7. That looks like fun, I’m a little jealous. I haven’t gone skiing in a couple of years since I hurt my back at one point, and now I’m too afraid to go.


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