The one person with the right to say it

EPIX is doing its usual vomit-inducing marketing (are they negotiating for him to continue in the role and want to pressure with fan love?) but this one made me smile.

~ by Servetus on January 25, 2019.

14 Responses to “The one person with the right to say it”

  1. awwww.

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  2. She’s still keeping a close eye on her husband. 😊 Understandable!

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  3. It’s been more than twelve years since those episodes, bless her, I love the way she pops up with things like this.

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  4. problem was that most people didn’t read the whole tweet about predictive text, so it was a bit of a slush fest! i thought it mildly amusing but Dawn reply was just ‘the bomb’


  5. Saw that yesterday and would have cringed if Dawn hadn´t saved it by her tweet.


  6. That was a bit of fun yesterday. Would’ve been more had people actually used the predictive text, but oh well….


  7. the only thing i like about that prompt to tweet, she’s a gem 🙂 Epix on the other hand…

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  8. I don’t know how you get predictive text in Twitter, anyway. (shrugs) Anything I want to tweet individually I have to type.


  9. […] And oh yeah — on the spoilers issue, EPIX posted a picture of the crucial scene in this episode bout two hours before it aired, on their press site. Cynical much? So what was that stupid “tell Armitage we love him” thing about this week again? […]


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