Someone get Richard Armitage a driver

~ by Servetus on January 28, 2019.

13 Responses to “Someone get Richard Armitage a driver”

  1. But no director yet, Serv. Is that surprising?


    • Not sure, but I’m not super worried. Shindler seems to know what she’s doing — she’s won a ton of awards for her miniseries.


      • I can’t find the tweet that led to an article published today that mentioned an Irish filmmaker called Hannah (can’t remember her surname now) as one of the directors hired to helm a few of the episodes.

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  2. so this lady was involved in spark house?


    • She was the executive producer. Armitage followed her, her production company, and Sally Wainwright (who wrote Sparkhouse) several weeks ago — looks Wainwright was the feint. I assumed it was just a nostalgia follow.

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  3. I’m excited. A good role for his career, I think. Lots of exposure through Netflix. Coben is a crime writer who sells lots of books and his series have done well. I watched “Safe” on Netflix with Michael C. Hall (“Dexter”). Pretty good, although not quite as good as I had hoped. But it has some good twists and turns and it was fun to see Hall play a Brit.

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  4. I liked Safe. A slightly unlikely plot ( it bothered me that the Detective was allowed on the case despite the crime having been committed in her own street – I would have said a conflict of interest would definitely rule her out) but good acting, good script and a great location. I’m really happy with this news.

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    • Sounds like this is one I need to line up to see next on Netflix. I loved Bodyguard, and am currently into the second series of Marcella with Anna Friel.

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      • Marcella is in my queue. We are currently binging on Billions. Have you watched Line of Duty? It’s the same writing team as Bodyguard but better Imo. Most of my friends have gone into mourning when they run out of Line of Duty episodes!

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