More reviews of The Lodge #richardarmitage

Film School Rejects (huge, upsetting / potentially triggering spoiler in this one).

Geek Tyrant (very positive)

ION Cinema (“Richard Armitage fares well enough”). This review also made me think I’d hate the film, tbh. Uninformed atheism.

The Hook.

Showbuzz Daily (same spoiler as in the FSR review).

Screen International

Top Movies and TV (hyperbolically positive)



Next Best Picture

Salt Lake City Weekly

IndieWire (did I post this one already?)

Plus: they actually shot this film on 35mm.

~ by Servetus on January 29, 2019.

6 Responses to “More reviews of The Lodge #richardarmitage”

  1. Thanks, I am surprised that many give away too many details, not sure if it will get a release in the UK.


    • Is there a big market for horror? After reading all the reviews available now, my impression is “horror fans wiil probably really like it.”


  2. “Richard, the kind of idiot every horror movie needs” – Thank you Showbuzz Daily! I laughed out loud at that line – perfect!

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  3. I didn’t think I’d be too interested in this movie, but after reading all the reviews posted here it has piqued my interest. I think I will actually go to the theatre and see this if it is released here – and from the reviews its getting, I’m pretty sure it will be. Yay, RA most probably has a hit movie in the theatres.


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