Heads up: Red Dragon Con 5 #richardarmitage


The events start tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, UK time. Here is the general info about the event schedule and here is the paper copy of that event schedule and here is a link to download an app to get the current schedule and immediate updates (if you turn on “push notifications”).

For those who love the hunt, here are some places to look for pictures and deets:

Boyfriend’s Twitter and Instagram feeds. These will be posts he makes. Bryan Fuller is also scheduled to be there and this is his Twitter. Mads Mikkelsen is scheduled, but doesn’t have a Twitter, and Hugh Dancy is not attending.

On this one — the tumblr feeds will probably throw up some stuff, as the majority of pictures will be posted by fans rather than professional photographers. Here is “most recent” and “most popular” for #richardarmitage. You might also want to follow some of the bigger Armitage tumblrs — a lot of tumblr peeps don’t seem to use the tags anymore and they might have friends who have friends, etc.

On Twitter, you could look for the Starfury News “latest” feed, as well as the #richardarmitage “latest” feed. The hashtag for the event is #RDC5 and here are the latest and top feeds for that hashtag. You might want to look at the #francisdolarhyde tag as well.

Here is the #rdc5 hashtag on Instagram.

And here’s a Twitter list I built, a combination of fans who I think are going to be there and Richard Armitage fans who are typically scouring the web for information.

That’s a start anyway. If you have other tips, please leave them in the comments!

~ by Servetus on January 31, 2019.

3 Responses to “Heads up: Red Dragon Con 5 #richardarmitage”

  1. Great choise from Bryan Fuller for 2 Cellos “thunderstrucks’ version. But I prefer:

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  2. Just to say that Bryan Fuller won’t be at RDC5 as per a tweet from last week https://twitter.com/BryanFuller/status/1087939269493170177

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  3. Might also check Aaron Abrams (@MrAaronAbrams on Twitter / IG) and Scott Thompson (@ScottThompson_ on Twitter) since they are also scheduled to attend. I hope they have Richard on the floor laughing. 😀

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