I finally had a look at which Richard Armitage posts of mine tumblr censored

I had to laugh. There are very few photos of the actual Richard Armitage that would qualify as actual adult content. (Drawings, manips, writing are perhaps another story.) As this selection (four times, which was everything I had to appeal) proves.

[ETA: they were all immediately restored.]

[ETA: *This* post was in turn flagged as too adult. And has been appealed. And was restored. Honestly.]


They don’t like pictures of devils without genitalia?

If they are really censoring heterosexual kisses, we’re in trouble.

Twitter also had a problem with pictures of Armitage’s chest — I temporarily got my account labeled as too sensitive to view due to a naked chest picture. I get it: I find it moving, too. But too adult?

I do agree that Dr. White is being very responsible here, but that definition of “adult” seems a bit broad for getting this image censored.

~ by Servetus on January 31, 2019.

19 Responses to “I finally had a look at which Richard Armitage posts of mine tumblr censored”

  1. Very funny, how could they interpret the Dr White one as anything other than Do It Yourself.


  2. Fantastic. And good move to actually document the flagged images. I totally forgot to do that – had similar issues as you. In any case, they even make for a great revisit!

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  3. Maybe its Dr. White’s stunning rear that’s the problem? Wow, whatever algorithm it is that does the flagging, it needs some help!


  4. Pourtant ces images me semblent bien innocentes, d’autres sont bien plus problématiques, selon moi.


  5. Two gif sets of N&S kiss scenes plus a few other benign reblogs of mine were flagged, which was ridiculous. As I tagged tumblr staff, they have better things to do with their time than deal with unnecessary appeals. I think the algorithm they use flags anything with flesh colour, but then that doesn’t explain the Scott White post above eyeroll


  6. You couldn’t make it up 😂

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  7. LOL, this is too funny!

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